Once a low-carbon life: remembering the happy time of homemade toys

   It is a childhood that is bitter and companion, but let the children have a do-it-yourself to create happiness, and do their own toys, not only can make full use of resources, but also in the current fashionable words, it is also "low-carbon environmental protection."

[Chinese and foreign toy nets · consumer culture] Fashion is always a year of reincarnation, women's cheongsam, men's confrontation... So, never be afraid of obsolescence, let go first, maybe, your children and grandchildren grow up The adult is taken out again and put on just fit. Of course, the cycle is not just fashion. "Low-carbon life" has often been taken up by people recently. In fact, I think about it. People who have children and grandchildren are not all low-carbon life decades ago. They just didn't have this word. Going out by bicycle, watering flowers with rice water, buying sesame sauce with bowls, soy sauce vinegar bottles... Once, we were helpless, and we were kept in a low-carbon, low-carbon life. Nowadays, we are helpless, we have to "low carbon", because the deterioration of the environment makes us have to reflect on what we are doing, whether we should pay tribute to the past in the way of life, and revisit the past...

Once low carbon life

Not long ago, a young colleague came back from a business trip and bought a toy called "Penny" for the child, and excitedly showed it to us. The so-called "bamboo scorpion" is actually to take a look at the center of a fan-shaped bamboo piece, and then insert a bamboo stick. When playing, use two hands to shake the bamboo stick, and the bamboo piece will fly in the air under the rotating power. This is a simple way to play, and there is also a kind of “bamboo raft” that is a transmission that is pulled by a string to launch the bamboo. These two kinds of "penny" were made by myself when I was a child. It is a childhood that is bitter and companion, but let the children have a do-it-yourself to create happiness, and do their own toys, not only can make full use of resources, but also in the current fashionable words, it is also "low-carbon environmental protection."

Living in the hutong, Beijingers who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s have their own experiences in making various toys.

In an era when life is not rich, for the average family, it is a luxury to buy toys for children. Therefore, the dexterous parents or children will make toys by themselves. For example, girls like to play. "Home", or jumping rubber bands, shoulder bags, kicking, throwing, etc., playing rag dolls, sandbags, feathers, sheep, etc., almost all by themselves or with the help of parents.

Boys like more things, and the first one is the gun. I remember that when I was in elementary school, I was not interested in making wooden guns myself. At that time, the game that started with children was a game with a slingshot. Slingshot guns are made of thick lead wire, which is good for boys. I have seen beautifully crafted slingshot guns with revolver type, shell-and-gun type, and machine-gun type. They all use cowhide ribs as the launching power. There are triggers, magazines, and even some can be fired. Of course, bullets are used. The paper is folded, but it is still very painful on the flesh and there is a certain risk of injury, so the school and parents are not in favor of the children playing this game.

At that time, imitating the plot in the movie was also a great pleasure for the children. Some movie plots were even transformed into a fashionable game. I remember that in the 1960s, a movie called "Flying Knife" was released. As a result, many children imitated the protagonist to play the homemade "flying knife." This dangerous game quickly caught the attention of the relevant departments. Afterwards, "Flying Knife" was banned, and the children's "flying knives" were also confiscated by schools or parents.

The anti-Japanese war "Mineral Warfare" was also loved by children at the time, and became a popular game among children.

At that time, imitating the militia in the movie, laying mines and devils, was the most popular game among our children. The gameplay of this kind of game must first have "mines". Of course, our "mines" are not made of gunpowder. Instead, we use a wire to bend a box that can be held in the palm of the hand, and then put a rubber band in the middle of the wire frame. Insert a small piece of wood to tighten the rubber band, and then fix the piece of wood with a small wooden stick. The whole shape is similar to a miniature rat clip.

When playing, these so-called "mines" are buried in the floating soil. The children who play the devil's hands are made of wooden sticks or wire. They are explored in the minefield and the spoils are the spoils of the devils. When it was discovered, it was stepped on by the devils. As soon as the "mine" was lifted, the dust would be turned up with the looseness of the rubber band, and the devil would be killed. Imitating the plot in "Mine Wars", some children have also "developed" "hair silk" and "pull wire", which is really interesting!

As the saying goes, "Girls love flowers, boys love guns." In fact, as long as there is something that is moving, boys like it. But setting off firecrackers is something that can only be enjoyed in the New Year. Usually we make toys that we can hear. For example, we made the yellow clay mud into a bowl shape, and then firmly pressed it to the ground, so that the clay bowl sounded under the impact of the air, so that the game would slam. We also used kraft paper to fold the "cannon" and "shooting", and the purpose was to listen to the game. In addition, the bullet shell is used to fill the lead as a "small gun", and the waste bicycle strip is used as a "small gun". The principle is to make a sound by impact on the match head. This kind of toy was very fashionable in the children at that time, but unfortunately the match was based on the supply. The matches that the parents did not want to live with had their children heard.

When it comes to toys that can be heard, we used to use willow branches to make willow whistle in the spring, picking reeds in Bayi Lake in the summer to make whistle, and people using the stalks of nettle leaves to make flutes, which are all pure low carbon. Green toy. There is also an impressive whistle made of discarded tinplate. I remember that there was an iron factory in Yidali near my home. Many children often went there to pick up some tinplate scraps and made whistle blows everywhere in the hutong or campus. My family used to have a box containing debris, and there were several such whistle inside.

In the 1960s, there was a moat in Beijing. In winter, the river became frozen and became a natural ice rink. The children ran here to skate and spin the gyro .

The gyro is good to do, it is made of a knife, and the top of the gyro is set with a ball. I have done this.

Homemade ice carts are more complicated. Simply use a wooden board, put two large lead strips on the ice skates, and use the home fire chopsticks as a hail. The high-end ice truck replaces the ice skates with lead strips. The angle iron and the hail are also specially made; the high-speed ice car is under the real ice skate, the ice car is also equipped with a chair, and there is no ice skating, the back of the seat can be slid by the pedals. . At that time, the winter moat, the ice car styles were varied, each with its own merits, and it was a hit with the current hot auto show. And all these ice cars are mostly made by themselves.

After the spring, the moat, the riverbank is green and clear, and it has become a good place for children to play windmills, fly kites and hoops.

The windmill is a traditional toy of old Beijing. It is sold in temple fairs. It is much simpler to do it. It is generally the kind that is folded diagonally with electro-optical paper. The kite is simply a "fartshade", and the children will almost always make it. The complicated ones need the help of adults.

The hoop is the favorite sport for boys to release energy. The best hoop is made of thick iron. Because I can't get such iron bars with many small partners, I use a large wire to make a hoop. Although the hardness is easily deformed, it is always stronger than nothing. In the spring moat, the children on both sides of the fading winter are running and laughing. The kites and wind wheels of various colors and styles turn and fly, forming the most folk scene in old Beijing.

Beijingers like to play with insects, and they are also the children's favorite. It is only necessary to use a canned bottle to raise oysters, but a cage is needed for raising oysters.

For children in the city, it is not easy to get a kind of material for making cages, so some children think of making cages with discarded popsicle sticks. This is a slow work.

I remember that there was a child named Xiaoyi in our courtyard. I was ingenious. I used to launch all of us to help him go to the street to pick up popsicle sticks. After washing, I used a thin copper wire to combine the popsicle sticks and made them into a stepped shape. A dozen latticed cages. I still feel that I am very impressed by the small cleverness and the exquisiteness of the cage.

When it comes to keeping pets, old Beijingers remember the tropical fish that rose in the 1960s and 1970s. Not long ago, the film "Tangshan Earthquake", the hero's home, has a tank of tropical fish. The slightly rough fish tank is a self-made one, so that people who came from that era feel very cordial.

When I was in high school, I used to do such a fish tank. The material was selected from the waste tinplate. I cut it into an inch-wide iron bar, and then hammered it into an angle iron with a hammer. Then I used a rivet to form a fish tank shelf. The upper glass becomes a fish tank. The fish farming has moved to make aquarium heat. I have many fishermen's neighbors and classmates who are making their own fish tanks. Everyone teaches each other experience and exchanges surplus varieties. Not only is it tired, but they also have a sense of accomplishment.

Talking to the children now, when we were young, we had the experience of making toys ourselves. They laughed because we had to live because of the limited living conditions. In fact, this is not comprehensive. We live in an age of advocating “self-reliance, full of food and clothing”, which is also the value of society as a whole. I remember that from the city, the district to the street, I built a lot of "juvenile homes", where there were various interest groups that cultivated children's hands and brains. I was with my classmates and often participated in Jinshifang Street. The activities of the House Air Module have produced several aircraft models and gradually cultivated their ability to brainstorm and do things.

Perhaps it’s really young and I don’t know what it’s like. Now I think that when I was a child, my life was tight, but it didn’t leave us a lot of psychological shadows that could not be resolved. It was the happy time of those homemade toys. When we recalled, our childhood was full. Sun, color, warmth and pride. Yao Yike

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