Operation technique for improving accuracy of overprinting of aluminum foil

1. First of all, the pattern size of the printing plate should be designed to meet the accuracy requirements of overlay printing, and the depth of the color dot of the printing plate should be determined according to the factors such as the speed of the printing machine, the printing pressure, and the number of overprints.
2. Establish the specification requirements for the installation and cleaning of printing plates, and ensure the standardized operation of plate unloading.
3. Focus on monitoring the change of the tension in the operation of the machine, and reasonable regulation to avoid the pull-off and cracking of the substrate in the process of overprinting.
4. In the process of overprinting, the correct angle of the blade pressure is needed to reduce the ink contamination and scratches of the ink layer and the color mark; properly adjust the tension of the aluminum foil to avoid misregistration, dot loss, and streaking defects; master the ink viscosity and Solvent affinity can solve the problem of back sticking, color stamp overprinting and light gloss.
5. To enhance the operational staff's sense of responsibility, it is necessary to step up training and enhance the awareness of quality. In the process of overprinting, it is necessary to diligently sample and diligently inspect, and if the overprinting error is found to be large, timely adjustments will be made.
Problems in printing and problems and solutions
1. Equipment is prone to mechanical wear problems. Sleeve wear at both ends of the sleeve shaft; unbalanced traction roller; bearing damage. Solution: Replace the cone head; adjust the traction roller to balance it.
2. The printing roller is easy to use. When the overlay is printed, the pressure of the left and right ends is uneven; the printing plate is loose. Solution: Adjust the pressure of the platen roller to equalize the pressure at both ends; re-tighten the plates.
3. Problems in the process technology are prone to problems: unbalanced tension control for unwinding and unbalanced tension caused by operational errors. Solution: The technical management should formulate process management points, monitor the tension of rewinding and unwinding, and record; and perform reasonable operations according to the operation method.
4. Problems with plate color marking: the layout color mark exceeds the normal error range. Solution: Replate, reach standard error.
5. Problems with raw materials: The thickness of aluminum foil is not uniform, and the impact of tension causes misprints. Solution: change aluminum foil; ink viscosity, affect the accuracy of overprinting, ink viscosity should be readjusted. 6. Subjective reasons: Poor operator's sense of responsibility, resulting in poor overlay accuracy, should strengthen the sense of responsibility of the operator, identify problems and solve them in time.

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