Outdoor fabric layer secret

The outdoor fabric layer secret date: 2016-02-26 12:31

In the just-concluded Spring Festival holiday, compared to the past, many people chose to go out and enjoy the good times brought by outdoor sports such as skiing and walking. In this case, outdoor clothing with functions such as cold protection and warmth is very important.

How many layers do you wear today? It has become a greeting for many outdoor enthusiasts. However, this layer is non-hierarchy, where the layer specifically refers to the number of layers of outdoor clothing, the closest to the skin is the foundation layer, with warm, keep the skin dry and other functions; the second layer is the middle layer, also known as the insulation layer, can be maintained Body temperature prevents the diffusion of temperature; the outermost layer is the protective layer, and the main function is to protect the middle layer and the base layer to prolong the service life of the garment, and at the same time improve the thermal insulation effect.

Base layer

The basic layer is generally made of quick-drying fabrics that are close to the body and are not irritating. The purpose is to improve comfort and keep the body dry.

Case Supplex

Supplex is a fiber product that is specially developed by DuPont, USA, which combines the soft and smooth feel of cotton products with the high strength and durability of nylon. It does not wrinkle, shrink, and does not fade. After being blended with Lycra elastic fiber, the degree of pull can be up to 500%, and it can quickly shrink back to its original shape.

Clothing made from Supplex not only has the functions of anti-scratch, anti-odor, windproof, and quick-drying, but also fits the body and brings people a great sense of freedom of movement.

Case Dryflo

Dryflo is a kind of clothing material which is very suitable for being applied to the field of outdoor sports manufactured by the British Lowe Alpine company. It adopts a fine mesh double layer structure to quickly discharge the steam emitted by the human body and keep the body surface dry. Even if it is sweating a lot, it will allow the wearer to return to a dry state in a short period of time while maintaining body temperature.

In addition, the use of elastic weaving makes the fabric very stretchy. Even if the wearer engages in intense outdoor sports, he or she will not feel the sense of restraint and can wear it in all seasons and be easy to clean.

Case Coolmax

Coolmax is a man-made fiber knitted fabric with a four-trench structure. It is made by interweaving polyester and cotton fibers. It can quickly discharge sweat to the outer layer of the fabric through the capillary principle to reduce the loss of body heat caused by evaporation. .

Currently, in addition to the Eve day, Active and Extreme series, which are differentiated by the fabric content, Coolmax has also developed new products with more functionality and more environmental protection, such as the Coolmax Ecomade series made from recycled materials such as Coke bottles. The Coolmax All season series with adjustable temperature, warm winter and cool summer, and the Coolmax Fx series with silver ions and antibacterial and deodorant functions.

middle layer

The middle layer can form an air layer that accumulates in the clothes to achieve the effect of insulating the outside air and maintaining the body temperature. In terms of materials, they can be divided into two major categories: FLEECE (Fleece) and INSULATED (Insulation/Down). Selecting different categories and amounts can be adapted to different temperature ranges.


As one of the best overall fabrics for mass production of fleece products, POLARTEC products produced by MALDENMILLS in the US are classified into three levels: Classic100, Classic200, and Classic300. The number behind Classic reflects an important measure of fleece fabrics. Data per square meter fabric weight fleece. The larger the number, the thicker the fleece fabric is, and the worse the compression performance is. Among them, POLARTEC Classic200 is the main product of the middle layer fleece clothing, with the wind jacket can withstand 5 °C ~ 0 °C temperature, compression performance in general, no obvious elasticity. POLARTEC Classic300 is very thick, warm performance is equivalent to a light

Thin down liner, clothing made of this material can withstand the cold of 0 °C ~ -10 °C, good thermal effect, and has a certain water repellency, but the weight is larger, inelastic, poor compression performance.

Case 900 fluffy down

In THE NORTH FACE's QUANTUM NUPTSE series, 900-cubic-inch expandable down materials per ounce have been used extensively as fillers. This series of down jackets is lighter and more compressible than ordinary down jackets. Due to the rare occurrence of feathers originating from Hungarian grey geese used in the products, the Quantum Nuptse products are limited in production each year.

Case Primaloft hollow insulation cotton

In the current market, there are three major brands of Hollow Insulation Cotton: Primaloft from Al-bany International, Thermolite from DuPont, and Thinsulate from 3M. Among them, Primaloft is a top-fitting warm-keeping cotton that contains U.S. patented technology. The material itself has a better waterproof function, which is better than Thermolite and Thinsulate both for warmth and cost performance.

The protective layer

The most important protective layer is to have waterproof, windproof, warm and breathable functions, in addition to the external impact of adverse weather on the body to a minimum, but also to the body's water vapor out of the body, to avoid sweat condensation In the middle layer, reduce the insulation effect.


In the mid-1970s, Gore Corporation innovatively bonded GORE-TEX films with traditional fabrics to produce GORE-TEX fabrics with multiple functions. GORE-TEX membranes have an average of 9 billion pores per square inch that are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets and 700 times larger than water vapor molecules. Therefore, GORE-TEX membranes are waterproof and breathable when they are applied to fabrics. The technical problem that air-permeable fabrics are not waterproof is one of the most commonly used functional fabrics.

GORE-TEX fabrics are divided into multiple versions. Canada's outdoor clothing brand Archaeopteryx Alpha SV series reinstall jackets are made by Gore's top GORE-TEX series fabrics, excellent wear resistance, whether the wearer is skiing or Climbing and other sports, it is very difficult to cause damage to this piece of clothing.

Case EVENT fabric

The Canadian brand WESTCOMB's Jackets made of 3L 560NST EVENT fabrics developed by the United States BHA Company has brought the unique creative style of the company to the limit. Due to the use of a more advanced oil-resistant protective layer, EVENT fabrics are more breathable than GORE-TEX mainstream fabrics. GORE-TEX fabrics require a certain level of internal and external moisture to vent to achieve a breathable effect, and EVENT fabrics are discharged outwards from the moment the sweat is emitted from the body surface.

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