Outdoor Trip Tips: Three Ways to Safe Drinking Water in Outdoor Sports

Whether the water in the wild is to be treated after drinking, everyone has different ideas for each person. Some people think that there is no trace of pollution in the wild and that there will be no pollution.

In fact, as long as it is amateurs like us who can get there, what else can there really be no pollution? In fact, even if there is no pollution, it does not mean that there is no virus, bacteria, or various harmful substances in the water. It is still best if we can deal with the situation when conditions permit.

Now the way of water treatment is mainly boiling, water purification drugs and filters


This is the most practical and most effective means. The disadvantage is that it wastes fuel and it is time consuming.

Clean water pill

The use of water purification tablets is based on chemical purification, most of which use chlorine and iodine. The mainstream in the market is the use of iodine. For example, in the picture above, the white bottle is an iodine tablet. The preservation of iodine tablets needs attention to avoid light and avoid moisture. The advantages of using water purification tablets are cheap, convenient and lightweight. More time-consuming, generally add water purification pills about 20 minutes after drinking. The disadvantage is that there is a strange smell. This can be solved by post-processing. For example, the yellow pill above is used to deodorize. Or add something to Jane. The second is that there is a major virus that cannot be removed, cryptosporidium, which is probably the most common parasite in water. The third is prone to allergies, and it reacts chemically with certain foods or utensils.

In general, water purification tablets have a large market because of their light weight, low cost and small size. It is important to note that the use of at least 20 minutes, the second is not to use more than one week.

Purification filter

There are actually two categories, filters and filter purifiers. The main difference is that the filter removes bacteria and parasites in a filtered manner. In addition to removing bacteria and parasites, filter purifiers also remove viruses. (based on REI classification)

The general filter purifier is based on the filtration, and then chemically remove the virus, such as iodine, so it also has the shortcomings of the previous water purification tablets of water purification. The name posted above is the only water purifier that does not chemically remove the virus.

The advantage of using a purifying filter is that you can drink water immediately, almost without waiting, and it is almost the safest method of purifying your water (using a filter purifier). The downside is that the price is expensive, there are few less than 60 US dollars, the latter part of the cost is high, the filter also need to spend money. Large, heavy, almost 1lbs. It also needs frequent maintenance when used, and it is easy to block.

The three methods have their own strengths. How to choose is the point of view of everyone.

Dynamic Rope

Dynamic Rope can be used for mountaineering climbing, Rock Climbing, sports which falling coefficient â‰¥1. It is used for assuring the safety of peak climbing lovers. ROPNET offers the best cutting edge safety products for these challenges.


Description of Dynamic Rope

11.1mm (ROPESON) 11.5mm (MING) Rope passed CE EN 892 Certification. The rope is able to arrest user`s fall with limiting impact force in one strand. Design of the rope conforms to single rope according to EN892. The product is made of Nylon fiber. The product consists of a core embosomed in sheath. The core is a basic load bearing element. The sheath is braided and protects the core from outer mechanical abrasion and UV degradation.


Usage: Rock Climbing Rope, Mountaineering Rope, Mountain Climbing Rope, Safety Rope, Caving Rope, Industry Lifting Rope, Rescue Rope, Escape rope, Protective cap rope.


Dynamic Rope Specification


Line Density

Sheath Slippage

Static Elongation

Impact force on first fall

Impact Elongation on first fall

Number of falls

Length Models


















rescue rope

climbing rope

escape rope

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Dynamic Rope

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