Paper cup and straw making crane bird

Paper cup and straw making crane bird
Paper cup and straw making crane bird

Cutting boards are arguably one of the most important tools in your kitchen - it's near impossible to cook without one. 

There are four reasons why use a Cutting Board as below:

1.Cutting boards protect your expensive counter top from damage resulting from the sharp edge of the kitchen knife. 

2.They also protect the edge of the knife from damage from the counter top (at least in the example of a wood cutting board. 

3.They can be used to handily move the chopped or cut food to a skillet or pot, keeping most of the mess in a small easy to clean area. 

4.They can be easily cleaned and disinfected in the kitchen sink. 

It is a very good idea to have more than one board, one exclusively for vegetables and one specifically for meats. Two boards help prevent cross contamination of the raw meat preparation with the vegetables and salad. Two cutting boards is one more way to keep the meal safe from bacterial contamination.

The one universally agreed upon method of cleaning and sanitizing both wood and plastic boards is as follows. First a thorough scrubbing with warm soapy water - be sure to remove all food particles, oils, grease, and residue. Secondly a mixture of water and bleach solution (one tablespoon of liquid chlorine bleach in one gallon of water) to completely disinfect the surface area all around. Thirdly and importantly let the board completely dry.

Cutting Board

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