Plastic bottle cleaner is defective and needs improvement

For the recycling of plastic bottles, there is a link that is indispensable. That is the cleaning of plastic bottles. After the plastic bottle is repackaged and sold, it will be in a variety of environments. A large number of plastic bottles go through recycling links such as trash cans to recycling bins, and finally to plastic bottles recycling companies.

It can be seen that plastic bottles undergo various kinds of pollution and erosion of various harmful bacteria when they pass through intermediate links. Obviously, we must realize the reuse of plastic bottles. Cleaning of plastic bottles is unavoidable. Of course, the plastic bottle cleaners on the market are already well-solved. However, in many aspects, we believe that there are various defects in the current plastic bottle cleaning machines that need improvement. First of all, before the plastic bottles are washed and cleaned, the plastic bottle's bottle label, bottle cap and bottle body are different. They need to be separated. At present, separation is mainly done by artificial means. This separation is very time consuming and artificial. It requires automated separation through the improvement of plastic bottle cleaning machines. Secondly, the sewage generated by the plastic bottle cleaning lock is often very polluted to the environment. At the same time, the plastic bottle cleaning needs a lot of water resources, how to save water resources during the cleaning process, and at the same time effectively treat the sewage, it is also urgent for the plastic bottle cleaning machine to improve.

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