Plastic bottles can not ignore the lightweight consumer experience

The concept of lightweight plastic bottle packaging has been discussed in the industry for many years, and many well-known companies have made explorations and attempts in this area. Such as Coca-Cola light mineral water plastic bottle packaging: ice. Indeed, lightweight plastic bottle packaging has many advantages. It is a great promotion for environmental protection and sustainable development.

The author is also one of the strong supporters of lightweight packaging of plastic bottles. However, there is a problem with the lightweight packaging of plastic bottles, which is the consumer experience. If we pick up a bottle of iced mineral water, we will find that the iced plastic bottle is very thin, but it is very soft, and it is not as good as other similar mineral water plastic bottles. Because it is too thin, the bottle is very soft, which makes the plastic bottle not particularly comfortable to pick up. This is actually a key issue for a product. A bad user experience can cause consumers to switch to other products at the next purchase.

Therefore, no matter how many benefits and advantages of lightweight plastic bottles, we must pay attention to the consumer experience, which can not be ignored.

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