Plywood production "five words and sixty sentences" quality control

The author has been engaged in the production and management of plywood for more than ten years. According to the production process of 16 sets, the quality control of a set of plywood production “five words and sixty sentences” was summed up, sincere dedication, not exact, more advice .

1 Ruler: the ruler and the quality of inspection, both of which are important, reasonable selection of materials, quality can be guaranteed;

2 cooking: Yuanmu should be cooked well, the water quality should be up to standard, the temperature should be guaranteed, and the time should not be less;

3 suede: suede does not leave any debris, go to the bag and go to the bag, the sand is clean, in order not to damage the knife;

4 Rotary cutting: increase the billet rate, the center is a high-tech, rotary cutting and transmission, the speed ratio is better;

5 Transportation: In the order of transportation, be careful, take it lightly and gently, and do not lose it at all;

6 Drying: Wet blanks are dry, water content is not exceeded, speed changes with temperature, and it is well controlled as appropriate;

7 Cutting blanks: Cut blanks according to specifications, graded and numbered, large materials are not small, small materials are not thrown away;

8 Patchwork: The seams should be strong, the patchwork should be firm, and the core is made into a whole piece, which is naturally effective;

9 Glue: It is not too much or too much for the glue. It should be evenly glued to make it adhere well;

1 0 排板: The slabs are not selected, the four sides are not missing, the missing edges are not spelled, the short materials should be replaced, the upper and lower sides should be aligned, don't be sloppy, carelessly like a string, all in vain;

1 1 Plywood: plywood is the key, three guarantees when temperature and pressure, the operation can be high according to the regulations; 1 2 sawing edge: sawing side is not sloppy, the size is well mastered;

1 3 Sanding: sanding should be serious, and the belt speed should be adjusted well;

1 4 Inspection: The inspection grades must be recorded according to the national standard and recorded one by one, and stacked separately;

1 5 Packing: Packing should be neat, don't touch the bad corners;

1 6 Warehousing: Press into the library, keep it in case of moisture

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