Practical dry goods! Large-capacity wardrobe allows you to understand small apartment decoration

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] It is difficult to have a big house in the city, but the space can be made larger by the way of decoration design. Today, the China Wardrobe Network is cleverly designed by arranging the common furniture in our home. One of the large-capacity wardrobe designs allows the clothes to be reasonably classified and stored, and the perfect embodiment of exquisite life.

[Sliding door wardrobe]

Wardrobe design

This sliding door wardrobe features a separate edge banding, fine edge sealing technology, smooth and rough, which enhances its durability while adding a sense of beauty to the wardrobe. The multi-layered partition inside the closet and large-capacity storage make the room clean and tidy, and the relaxed mood blooms like a flower.

[Using high space]

Large capacity wardrobe

Shelves can be installed at the height of the wall to hold small items such as sundries and books. This not only regulates the space, avoids clutter, but also can store a lot of things that are nowhere to be placed, which greatly saves space. If you want to make the space look bigger, you can install the shelf on the top of the door. This extremely negligible position is extremely useful.

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