Prevents candy from short of bagging and testing equipment

The strip candy packaging and testing equipment manufactured by METTLER TOLEDO Shanghai Co., Ltd. can effectively prevent strip-shaped candy from being chipped and crushed and realize on-line detection. Moreover, the candy packaging machine matched with such a candy-like candy testing equipment is provided by the world-famous Italian GD company. The speed of the packaging inspection equipment matched with the GD-5000 is 60 pieces/minute; the packaging testing equipment matched with the GD 2001 model has a speed of 120 pieces/minute. At present, many candy companies use strip-shaped aluminum-plastic composite packaging. In this form, a certain amount of candy is arranged neatly, packed in aluminum-plastic composite packaging material, and then sealed. It is generally ten sugar. The special packaging form requires the production enterprise to have a good quality inspection system in order to avoid "shortage of the shortfall" and affect the corporate image.

product name : Mr Pet 

component :  chicken/beef, rice,corn,rice, high quality cereals, dried egg products,fresh milk,calcium bone meal, taurine,lysine,methionine,nicotinic acid,pantothenic acid,trace elements,vitamins (A, C, D, E, B1 ,B2,B6, B12) .

characters: 100% natural raw meat and balanced recipe will make your pets more and more healthy and strong 

                high protein and low fat will make your pet  more nourish .

Mr Pet

Mr Pet , dry dog food

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