Product Packaging and Product Sales (I)

With the homogenization of products, what attracts consumers more? The famous DuPont law states that about 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging and decoration of their products. It is precisely because of this that the current market economy is known as the eyeball economy and only attracts the attention of consumers. Accepted by consumers, products can be purchased by consumers. Packaging has already determined the consumer's buying behavior. A sophisticated dealer picks up a new product and looks at the package to determine how its previous market performance is. Therefore, companies must use the influence of packaging to complete their product promotion. Build with the brand.

Beer companies do not complete the improvement of product packaging. They pay more attention to the operation of the market in the later period, and more often use marketing techniques such as advertising and promotional activities to impress consumers. They think that consumers can enable consumers to see products before they can see the products. The decision to create a purchase, under the influence of this idea, makes the product packaging out of line with the follow-up marketing activities, resulting in monotonous beer packaging: glass beer bottles have absolute advantages, capacity and style has always been 640ML standard in one world, only in individual There are some patterns on the neck and the bottom; the trademark is a rigid image that gets rid of the neck mark and body mark, and is marked by the aluminum foil in the leading fashion. This domestic mainstream packaging method has been eliminated in other countries. Become the biggest gap between domestic beer and imported beer.

Seeing the exquisite beer on the counter, but let me have the same impression of deja vu, picking and picking is ultimately difficult to choose, this loss of consumer psychology is the negation of the existing packaging of beer. Re-understanding the role of product packaging is closely related to future marketing.

First, the role of product packaging in product sales

1, packaging is a sales force. "Han Feizi's Foreign Reserve says Left" records a story of "Buying and Returning the Pearl": A Zheng Guoren bought a pearl from a merchant in Chu that only had a beautiful wooden box, leaving the box behind and leaving the pearl Returned to Chu merchants. In a sense, it is the miraculous packaging effect of “fine blending with beautiful beads” that attracts customers, successfully attracts consumers’ attention, and makes them have the urge to purchase if the pearl is placed in a broken package. In the middle, pearls are precious, and I believe no one will be interested.

In today's extremely rich commodities, consumers pay very little attention to each product, and they must seize the eyes of consumers to sweep through the shelf. Only packaging can comprehensively use elements such as colors, shapes, and materials, and at the same time show the connotation and information of products, brands, etc., highlight the common points of products and consumers' interests, create a more intuitive impact on consumers, and then affect consumption. The impression of the product and the company makes the product stand out on the shelf, effectively accomplishing the purpose of attracting consumers. The packaging of a product first shows its sales force, and it bears the main function of attracting consumers.

This summer, a streamlined large-capacity cup with bright colors and exaggerated style has earned a lot of eyeballs. Many people in the streets are slow-drinking while holding this cup. In fact, these cups are used by McDonald's in this summer's promotion activities. The container, due to its unique shape, set off an upsurge in the market. It was originally planned that the six-week event would end prematurely because the cup was used up. The reason for the success of McDonald's was to use the sales force generated by packaging. People have become accustomed to the simple shape of beverage packaging. McDonald's so-called "colorful cup" successfully seized the eyes of consumers and succeeded.

2, the packaging is a recognition. The reason why “Buying and Returning the Pearl” is considered to be a joke. This means that the packaging function of “椟” has been misaligned. The reason is that it is “the cabinet of Mulan” and then “fonded with cinnamon pepper” and “embellished with Jewelry's exquisite packaging box (椟) "covers" the brilliance of the treasures in the box. No wonder that Zheng did not love treasures and loved them. Although successfully attracting consumers and buying the packaging left the product, the fundamental reason is that the core of the packaging did not highlight the appeal of pearls (products). This kind of product packaging also failed. Although current consumers will not “buy and return”, the beer will be drained and the bottle taken away. It is also necessary for consumers to fully understand the function and features of the product after seeing the package. A product's packaging can not only require a beautiful design, but also allows the product to speak for itself, the product's features, features are expressed appropriately, the size of the communication in front of consumers directly affects the size of a product in the market. Performance is good or bad.

3, packaging is a brand power. The 21st century has entered the era of brand consumption, and has entered a personalized consumer era. Consumers buy goods not only to meet material needs, but also to value the personal satisfaction and spiritual pleasure that products can bring to themselves. Rely on packaging. The external performance of packaging as a brand is what the company wants its own brand to give consumers. The difference that it produces and the "brand features" that it displays thus make it a dominant factor in attracting consumers. The material interests and spiritual benefits carried by the packaging are what the consumer buys. The brands represented by the packaging must form a mark in the mind and fully express the brand's connotation. If the connotation is not or is not prominent, the consumer hears and sees that the packaging does not generate associations, making the brand a passive source of water.

4, packaging is a cultural force. The core of the package is not only reflected in the appearance of the image, it is important to show the integration of personality and affinity, the effective display of the carrying culture.

For example, in the marketing of mineral water, due to the difficulty of distinguishing the taste, various manufacturers have adopted packaging to attract consumers, and some trendy and brightly colored bottled water has been favored by consumers. However, with its unique portable carrying function and convenient drinking, it has gained the recognition of a specific consumer group - the youth consumer group. The features of the “new new humanity” and “gone with the time” of the contemporary youth are the prominence of individuality, self-expression, coolness and fashion. They are a synonym for the “new new humans” and they are both more practical and “hyun”. It was taken for granted. Here, product packaging once again interprets the concept of “who caters to the consumer culture who gets the market”.

5, packaging is an affinity. Product packaging is consumer-centric and meets the different needs of consumers, while bringing affinity to consumers.

As can be seen from the above, packaging plays an increasingly important role in marketing, has been given more features, packaging is no longer considered to be a waste of resources, and become an important part of the marketing strategy. To make a good performance in the packaging of their products in the market, the intention of marketing must be reflected in the packaging.

Second, product packaging is a reflection of marketing intentions

1, unified with marketing identity.

A: Unity with the basic color of marketing. The basic color used in packaging is a designated color used to represent the characteristics of the company or product. In the process of product information transmission, there is a clear visual recognition effect in the market competition and consumers. Packing gives full play to the conveying function of the basic color. It embodies the relationship between color and marketing concept, reflects a product information transmission, and reflects the company's business philosophy and product characteristics. Through the use of the basic color, the package will enhance the visual impact, make the packaging effect infective, and maximize the creation of visual induction.

B: Consistent with the marketing's logotype. The marketing logo has the function of visual cognition and identification of the product. Product packaging uses unique personal identification to differentiate between competing companies and their products. Product packaging adopts visual symbols of overall planning and design to create unique personalities and strong impacts, enabling packaging to reflect the company’s business philosophy and corporate culture. Features and product content directly affect the consumer's confidence in the quality of the product and the recognition of the company's image.

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