Reasonable selection and use of cosmetics

New definition of cosmetics

In the past, the products that were generally called cosmetic appearances were collectively referred to as cosmetics. Commonly used are fat powder, lipstick, facial cleanser, and skin cream. Modern cosmetics refers to products that are applied, rubbed, scattered on any part of the human body surface (such as skin, hair, nails, lips, etc.) or oral mucosa to achieve cleansing, skin care, beauty and modification. Nowadays, due to the increasing demand for cosmetics, the variety of raw materials used in the manufacture of cosmetics is increasingly widespread. At present, there are more than 3,500 kinds of raw materials used in cosmetics in the world, including natural raw materials and synthetic raw materials. However, in order to ensure the safety of human skin, the World Health Organization and China's quality inspection departments have very strict inspections on the raw materials of cosmetics, and only a small part of the approval is allowed.

In people's daily life, such as improper use of cosmetics, or the use of inferior cosmetics, not only can not achieve the desired cosmetic effect, and even damage the skin. Therefore, recognizing and identifying the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetics, correct selection and use of cosmetics is the premise of skin care and beauty, and it is also a must-have common sense of life.
Purpose and function of cosmetics for cleansing skin care products

(1) Soap: It is a commonly used cleansing product. It is characterized by delicate texture, rich foam, strong detergency, can be used for the whole body, and the price is relatively low. It is a convenient skin cleansing product. Due to the different content of various ingredients in the soap, the added nutrients are also different, so it is divided into ordinary cleansing soap, transparent beauty soap and skin care soap.

(2) Cleaning cream: It is a cleaning product mainly composed of mineral oil. Mainly used for the cleansing of skin and excessive oily skin.

(3) Facial cleanser: It is the most popular cleansing product on the market. It is a kind of liquid soft soap which is alkaline or weakly alkaline. Facial cleanser uses a surfactant to cleanse the skin, leaving no irritation to the skin, and leaving a moisturizing film on the skin to make the skin smooth and delicate. It is mainly used for daily cleansing and removing facial makeup. From the action points, there are astringent cucumber cleanser, lemon facial cleanser, aloe vera facial cleanser; nutritious protein facial cleanser, ginseng facial cleanser, vitamin E facial cleanser and so on.

(4) Cleansing oil: It is a makeup remover with mineral oil as the main body. It is mainly used to remove facial makeup and oil makeup. Its cleaning mechanism is mainly oil-soluble. The cleaning effect on oil makeup is more remarkable than that of cleansing cream, but it is also more irritating to the skin.

(5) Scrub: It is a cleansing product containing uniform particles. It is mainly used to remove the dirt in the deep layer of the skin. The scaly keratin can be peeled off by rubbing on the skin, and the dead skin cells are removed to keep the skin soft and delicate.

(6) Exfoliating Cream (Liquid): A revitalizing product that helps to exfoliate the skin and exfoliate the skin. After the exfoliating cream (liquid) is attached to the skin, the acidic substance dissolves the keratinocytes and purifies the skin.

Toning skin care products

Toner: There are many types of toners and their effects are remarkable. It has a moisturizing lotion that softens and moisturizes the skin, astringent toner that shrinks the pores and tightens the skin, an alkaline toner that cleans the desquamation, a soft moisturizing lotion that replenishes the skin, and a nutritive toner that replenishes the skin's nutrients. Toner can also be called a lotion.
Moisturizing skin care products

(1) Massage cream: It is a skin care product used to massage the skin, which gives a lubricious feeling between the hand and the skin.

(2) Moisturizer: It is a skin care product that keeps the skin moist and smooth. It can make the skin soft and stretched for a long time.
(3) Cold cream: After applying to the skin, it has a cool feeling due to evaporation of water, so it is called cold cream. Cold cream contains more oil than moisturizer and cream.

(4) Cream: It can make the skin white and cold. It is a favorite skin care product after moisturizing without stagnation, comfortable and smooth. The water content of the cream is more than that of cold cream and moisturizer, accounting for about 70% of the paste.

(5) Nutritional honey: It is a kind of sticky and fluid skin care product. The honey cosmetics have high water content, most of which are oil-in-water emulsions. After application to the skin, the skin is moisturized and refreshed.

Whitening sunscreen skin care products

(1) Whitening cream (Essence, Dew, etc.): Enhances the whitening effect, inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, completely prevents the formation of melanin, exerts a longer-lasting whitening effect, and at the same time strengthens the skin's moisturization and makes the skin more Shows softness.

(2) Sunscreen cream (oil, water): It is a skin care product used to prevent skin damage caused by excessive sunlight. After the sunscreen cosmetic is applied, it will effectively protect the skin from UV rays for a certain period of time.

Efficacy skin care products (acne, crack prevention, spot removal, etc.)

(1) Spot cream: It can inhibit the formation of melanin, improve the skin pigmentation state, make the color lighter, and the area becomes smaller. How to use: Apply skin to the spots on the morning and evening after cleansing the skin to make it fully penetrate.

(2) acne dew (liquid, cream): It is used to treat acne and acne skin cosmetics, which can reduce the coagulation effect of keratinocytes, loose blackheads, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, and restore skin health. How to use: Apply after cleansing the skin. If using acne cream, wipe it again every 4 hours, because the cream will easily adhere to dust and bacteria.

(3) Antiperspirant cream (liquid, powder): It is a cosmetic for the skin or a certain part of the sweat gland that is too rich, and has strong convergence. It can condense proteins on the surface of the skin, expand the sweat glands, prevent the excretion of sweat, and inhibit the amount of sweat secretion. How to use: Apply on clean, sweaty skin and reapply after 4 hours of cleaning.

(4) Deodorant powder (cream, liquid): It has the function of sterilizing and inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria, and is used for the body odor caused by secretion, and has strong convergence. Usage: Mainly used for armpits, re-applied after every two hours of cleaning.

(5) Anti-cracking paste: used to prevent chapped hands and feet, improve skin roughness and moisturizing.

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