Research on the process of producing special welding rod for ship by rotary forging method

Based on external factors, the influence of the stress state on the alloy plasticity during the swaging and drawing process was analyzed.

Use special welding materials. The alloy material is high manganese complex bronze, which has good hot workability, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and poor cold workability. The production of the electrode is mostly made of horizontal continuous casting rods, rolled by a pass rolling mill, and then annealed, pickled, stretched, and straightened.

This process method has a long production process and many procedures, and the surface is prone to metal intrusion and the surface quality is poor. In order to solve the above problems, we use the existing equipment to break through the traditional bar drawing production method, and have come out with a new process for producing low-plasticity bars. User requirements.

2Technical process and result comparison 2.1 Product technical meter condition table 1QMnlO-7-2-2 Alloy chemical composition The main component% is positive 7. The remaining specifications and size deviation: 5.0 ± 0.1mm. The process has produced such small The technological process adopted by the stick is as follows.

265 | Homogenization) Annealing if pickling hi rolling I annealing, pickling H stretching H straightening H packaging | Process process used in the past This process method has long process, many processes, long cycle, large labor intensity, and surface The metal is pressed in, the surface quality is poor, and the yield is low.

In order to change the above situation, we first chose a fully stretched solution, the process flow of this solution is as follows.

(Cast Rod 1 "(Homogenized) Annealing, Called Head H Stretching Bu I Finishing H Straightening H Packaging I Cock 2 Full Stretching Scheme Process Flow Chart When the process is used for production, bar breakage often occurs Phenomenon, and the tensile die wear is serious, the bar bending is large, the strength is high, and it is difficult to straighten, the yield is only 36.5%. Secondly, we have adopted the rotary forging scheme. The process flow of the scheme is as follows. The flow chart of the rotary forging scheme With this production process, the production is smooth, no breakage occurs, and the product yield is above 95%.

2.3 Comparison of results.

The comparison between the drawing and the swaging process is as follows: from a technical point of view, the drawing scheme has many more head making and straightening procedures than the swaging process, thereby increasing labor intensity and increasing production costs.

In terms of tool consumption, due to the high strength and high hardness of the alloy material, the tensile die wears seriously, which increases the tool cost.

In terms of product quality, the surface of the swaged products is smooth, and can meet the user's straightness without straightening.

In terms of finished product rate, the finished product rate of the drawing scheme is 36.5%, and the finished product rate of rotary forging is more than 95% (only a few process waste products).

From the above comparison, it can be seen that the production of this alloy electrode by rotary forging is the most reasonable and effective production method.

3 Analysis and discussion 3.1 Plasticity of the alloy The plasticity of the alloy is not only affected by the characteristics of the alloy itself, such as the degree of alloying, alloying elements, and structure, but also the process conditions of the plastic deformation of the alloy, such as the deformation temperature, the degree of deformation, the speed, and the response state. Will have a great impact on its plasticity. QMnlO-7-2-2 series high manganese complex bronze, from the relationship between the mechanical properties of Cu-Mn alloy and manganese content can be seen: the hardness, strength and yield point of the alloy increase with the increase of Mn content, elongation At the beginning, it increases with the increase of Mn content. When the Mn content exceeds 5%, it decreases with the increase of Mn content. Ni in the alloy element has a stress condition that has a great influence on the plasticity of the alloy for the process conditions of the electrode production. Among all types of stress states, the three-dimensional compressive stress is most beneficial to the improvement of alloy plasticity. A lot of practice has proved that in the process of metal plastic deformation, tensile stress is the most likely to cause material damage, and compressive stress is conducive to reducing or inhibiting the occurrence and development of damage.

3.2 Stress state during stretching and swaging Forging is the process of plastic deformation of a billet through a die hole under a certain tensile force. Swaging forging is a process of placing a billet between continuously rotating forging dies for plastic deformation. Compared with tensile deformation, swaging deformation has the characteristics of uniform deformation (good permeability) and small residual stress. Although both stretching and swaging can achieve the plastic deformation of the material, the stress state in the process is different. It is a mechanical drawing of tensile deformation and a mechanical drawing of rotary forging deformation. (Go to page 24) The operating conditions of the device and complex equipment are stable and easy to control. The use of low-caustic ratio gelation only requires the use of caustic soda ingredients in the first test, and subsequent tests can be replaced by circulating mother liquor. This greatly simplifies the batching process, recycles the mother liquor, and also eliminates environmental pollution and energy consumption for export, which is of great significance for reducing production costs and improving economic benefits.

With low-caustic ratio ingredients and the addition of nucleating agents, in order to suppress the formation of 4A zeolite's transformation and heterocrystalline phases, it opened up new ideas and ways to improve product quality, shorten crystallization time, and obtain fine particles , Evenly.

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