Several problems needing attention in the linearization of laser phototypesetter

The linearization of the film of the laser imagesetter refers to: according to the different characteristics of various types of film and developing chemicals, the dot curve on the RIP is adjusted so as to faithfully reflect the dot size of the original. Printing requires faithful restoration of the original, which requires accurate restoration of the dots. Due to different factors such as sensitivity, density, tolerance, reflection degree with various chemical solutions, development time, temperature and other factors, the degree of dot reduction of various films is also different, so the dot curve needs to be adjusted. When doing film linearization, you need to pay attention to the following issues:
1. First, check whether the photosensitive wavelength of the film used is consistent with the light source of the laser imagesetter.
2. Before making the film linearization, make sure that the state of the film developing machine is normal, that is, the fixing liquid is fixed, the concentration of the liquid is correct, the fixing time and temperature are fixed, and the film can only be linearized in the next case.
3. Before doing film linearization, it is necessary to check whether the solid density of the image is suitable for printing. Generally speaking, the solid density of coated paper is higher than 4.0, and the density of newspaper printing is higher than 3.4. Therefore, first adjust the light value of the imagesetter to achieve the required density.
4. When adjusting the density value, it is not that the higher the density, the better. If the density is too high, the linear deviation will be too far. Taking the screen 3050 imagesetter as an example, the Konica film density is generally adjusted to be between 4.0-4.2. After higher than 4.2, the area where the dot should be 50% will rise to more than 60%. Then use linearization to adjust the effect. not good. When the density is appropriate, the actual value at 50% -56% should be about 50% -56%.
5. The concentration of the drug solution in the film processor will change every day, which will affect the reduction of the dots. Therefore, the linearization of the film should be done every day for the highly demanded prints, and the film linearization should be done every day for the conditional output center.
6. Linearization of the film must be done again when changing the drug solution or replacing the film.

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