Several problems that should be noticed when installing the blanket of offset printing machine

Blanket is an important material for printing production, which has a great influence on the printing quality. The following issues should be noted during installation:

1. When cutting the blanket, the sides should be at right angles to each other. If the cutting is irregular, it is impossible to ensure that the tensile strength of the blanket is consistent throughout the installation, which will cause the blanket to delaminate, wrinkle, foam, etc., thereby reducing the life of the blanket.

2. The blanket is directional. Only by selecting the radial direction of the blanket as the direction of cutting, tightening and withstanding the tensile force can the ideal effect be obtained. The direction of the blanket is mainly determined by the threads of the plain weave backing on the back of the blanket. Manufacturers usually weave a line with a different color from the fabric itself along the direction of the drum rotation or mark an arrow to indicate.

3. When installing the blanket, pay special attention to whether the blanket and its pads are flat clothes, and there must be no wrinkles. If there are foreign objects in the blanket, bumps and bumps will appear, so be sure to reinstall.

4. When tightening the blanket, the trailing edge and the bite should be carried out at the same time, not one side. Only a blanket stretched tight enough can guarantee a clear print quality. But the blanket is a kind of elastic object, it must be stretched after being stressed during the printing process. In order to transfer the graphic size on the printing plate to the paper more accurately, it is required that the elongation of the blanket should be small during the entire embossing process and must be uniform. The above-mentioned elongation is not only related to the quality of the blanket itself, but also depends on how tight the blanket is on the roller, but the tighter the blanket is, the better? This is certainly not the case in actual work. Although the tighter the blanket is, the better the printing quality is. However, if the blanket is too tight, it will cause an increase in the friction of the plate surface and a decrease in the life of the plate. Therefore, the blanket should be stretched properly.

5. Before installing the blanket, the thickness of the blanket and its liner should be accurately measured with a micrometer to ensure that the thickness of the liner is accurate and reasonable.

6. The liner paper in the blanket cover is shorter than the blanket, so as to prevent water from seeping into the paper fiber and expand and deform when it meets the water, reducing the rust and corrosion of the roller.

Installing the blanket is an important aspect of ensuring the quality of printing. You must be careful and not careless.

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