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[ Chinese wardrobe net ] simple wardrobe, simple but very stylish, as the name suggests, simple wardrobe is simple, convenient, practical, easy to disassemble, take up small space, and the price is relatively affordable. The simple wardrobe is mainly divided into two kinds of materials, steel pipe type and solid wood type. Today, Xiaobian recommends several simple wardrobes. Let's learn about it with Xiaobian.

When renting a house often faces incomplete furniture, especially the lack of a wardrobe, then choosing a simple wardrobe is undoubtedly the best and fastest solution. Easily installed, you can give you a three-dimensional storage space, very convenient.

1. Semi-open simple wardrobe: the upper part is the hanger, the clothes can be neatly hung on the top, the bag is placed on the bottom, and the shoes are stored at the bottom. The function of the simple wardrobe is more clearly differentiated. It is also very convenient.

  1. Simple wardrobe

  2. Semi-open simple wardrobe renderings

2. Fabric simple wardrobe: The frame is made of loose wood, the material is light and easy to care; the outer periphery is made of floral flannel. As long as a simple wardrobe is wrapped around it, the shelf of the wardrobe is vertical, and the neat arrangement is rhythmic and breathable, which easily prevents the odor caused by the stacking of the clothes.

Solid wood simple wardrobe

Cloth simple wardrobe renderings

3. Solid wood simple wardrobe : The characteristic of simple solid wood wardrobe is green and environmental protection, there is no harmful substance, and the plasticity of wood is very strong, giving people a feeling of higher grade. Of course, simple solid wood wardrobe also has disadvantages, that is, it may be necessary It is insects, and the wood is also susceptible to temperature and humidity. If it is used for a long time, it will be easily deformed. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider the humidity of the room when purchasing a solid wood simple wardrobe.

Cloth simple wardrobe

Solid wood simple wardrobe renderings

Simple wardrobe, simple but not degraded, for your convenience!

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