Skin troubles 3 masks perfect solution

In summer, problems such as sun damage, oily light, large pores, acne outbreaks, water shortages caused by air-conditioned rooms, etc. have plagued many MMs. Today Xiaobian recommended 3 masks to solve these problems in all directions, mask control can not be missed!

Lange Night Repair Water Mask

Lange Night Repair Water Mask

Reference price: 230 yuan / 80ml

Efficacy: Introduce a steady stream of water during the night when metabolism is most active and absorption is strongest. The highly effective moisturizing ingredient ß-Glucan concentrates continuously into the deeper layers of the skin; with Ceramide Ceramide, it strengthens the skin's moisture channel, and the skin quickly absorbs moisture and restores moisture.

Necessary reasons: Lazy MM's gospel, overnight disposable hydrating mask, better than the silk mask. Purifies the skin and removes harmful oxidizing substances, brightens dull skin in the sleeping room, regains luster and brightens the skin, and can also be applied to the neck for neck care.

Avene Soothing Moisturizing Mask

Avene Soothing Moisturizing Mask

Reference price: 218 yuan / 50ml

Efficacy: unique nourishing, moisturizing ingredients, easy to absorb, can quickly provide deep hydrating care of the skin, so that the skin maintains the optimal hydration state, and instantly recovers.

Necessary reasons: 70% Avene live spring water, and another is a washable moisturizing mask, the effect is comparable to the second generation of silk mask. Suitable for all types of skin. After sun exposure, air conditioning environment, air pollution, redness of the skin, and use after burning.

Neutrogena acne mask

Neutrogena acne mask

Reference price: 299 yuan / 50g

Efficacy: professional-grade skin rejuvenation effect, anti-acne acne, clear skin, even and tender! Developed with rejuvenation technology, its unique formula combines salicylic acid and CelluZymeTM--the active ingredient extracted from natural mushrooms, mild Effectively improve skin oil and acne problems, leaving skin clear and clear, restore healthy radiance.

The necessary reason: anti-inflammatory acne mask, significantly improve the redness caused by acne, improve skin oil problems. Helps remove aging keratin. And you can take it to acne marks, acne marks slowly disappeared

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rat repeller

Rat Repeller

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