SS type three-legged centrifuge put on the market

The key enterprise specialized in the production of chemical machinery in the country, Jiangsu Changzhou Wujin Chemical Machinery Factory, has developed and manufactured a variety of solid-liquid separation equipment, and developed an SS type three-legged centrifuge, which has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, Textile, beneficiation, fertilizers, pesticides and other industries and scientific experiments.
The product consists of a chassis, a housing, a main shaft assembly, a drum, a body, a motor, a clutch, a brake device, and the like. The fuselage is suspended from the spherical seat above the column foot by a suspender, and utilizes the effect of a buffer spring. The unbalanced state caused by uneven loading of the drum is automatically adjusted to reduce the power load of the main shaft and the bearing. The motor of the centrifuge passes the centrifugal clutch and the V-belt drive relies on the friction to drive the main shaft to make the drum static Start turning until it works normally. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, strong adaptability, easy installation and maintenance, separation, the particles are not easy to destroy, the filter residue is fully washed, and the moisture content of the filter residue can reach 30% or less.

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