Talking about Hainan Huanghua Pear

The furniture of Hainan huanghuali is especially popular in today's “beauty” and has become the collector's “toon”. The "condition" of Hainan Huanghuali furniture two or three hundred years ago is not the case. In the Qing Dynasty, the ruling class gradually gave up the furniture of the huanghuali that had been used for a long time in the Ming Dynasty, and pushed the red sandalwood to the orthodox position. Since then, the furniture of huanghuali has become the "new darling" of ordinary people. So what are the characteristics of the folk huanghuali material in the Qing Dynasty? It still inherits the simple and exquisite style of Minghai South Huanghuali furniture. There are still Jiangnan literati's participation in the design of furniture. The atmosphere is full of style and simple and unobtrusive, which is in stark contrast with the magnificent palace furniture of the Qing Dynasty.

Hainan huanghuali stress is very small, to what extent? For example, using sea yellow and red sandalwood materials, do the same round utensil pen holder. After one or two years, you will find that the material of rosewood material has changed from the original circle to the oval shape, while the sea yellow material utensils. No significant change. In the furniture exhibition held by the Palace Museum, I saw a case of sea yellow single-plate rack. Although it has been three hundred years, it is diagonally seen from the corner of the case. No more out of shape.

Let me talk about the woody characteristics of Hainan huanghuali. The plasticity mentioned here refers to its engraving toughness. For example, if you choose a decorative pattern of sea yellow and red sandalwood carving furniture, you will find that although the red sandalwood can withstand very fine carvings, it can be said that it is carved everywhere, but it is not impossible to sculpt random sandalwood. After a few hundred years, its own fiber is broken. Sea yellow can cut wood fiber at will, and after a hundred years, its fiber is not constant. If you use a magnifying glass to look at the engraving of a piece of sea yellow furniture, you will find that the details of the fiber are broken.

In addition, the biggest difference between Hainan huanghuali and red sandalwood is that it does not have the phenomenon of “ten sandal and nine empty” like red sandalwood. The sea yellow has an abundance. The case of the single plate that was just mentioned is a good example. It is more than 4 meters long, 50 cm wide and 10 cm thick. It is typical of sea yellow material. At the same time, only the sea yellow material can achieve such furniture without any connection, and the surface of the rosewood furniture needs at least three small plates to be spliced ​​together.

Also, why is the "grimace" of Hainan Huanghua Pear? Any wood has a "grimace", but it grows in the humid climate of Hainan. The growth period is slow. It takes hundreds of years to grow into a thick trunk. When it encounters a bad growing environment, it will form a unique thrift. Phenomenon, which is the "grimace" pattern, these "grimace" patterns are more complete and clear than other wood's "ghost face" patterns, and they are well-respected by the world. Some time ago, the author saw a sea-green top cabinet. On the surface of the top cabinet material, I found a variety of animal-shaped "ghost faces", including peacocks and lions. It cannot be said that it is the magical work of nature, and it is also impossible for other materials such as red sandalwood.

How to distinguish the authenticity of Hainan huanghuali wood? From the point of view, there are the following points: First, sea yellow wood itself is a traditional Chinese medicine, there is a Chinese medicine "scented" taste; Second, the texture is hard, the texture is clear and beautiful, the visual sense is very good, there are wheat spikes, crab claws Pattern, texture or hidden or present, vivid and changeable; Third, there are faces. The grimace is caused by the scarring during the growth process. Its knot is different from the ordinary tree. There is no rule, so people call it "grimace", but it cannot be said that the sea yellow has a grimace; fourth, the sea yellow is like a firefly. Phosphorescence, after the wood chips are soaked, the water is green.

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