Talking about the principle of pipeline related leak detection method

The relevant leak detection method of the pipeline is very suitable for the pipeline where the environmental interference is large, the noise is high, and the pipeline is buried deep. Correlation instruments can be used to quickly and accurately measure the specific leak location of underground pipelines. It belongs to the third generation technology and is also the most advanced and effective detection method used in the world.

The related leak detector consists of a host, two radio transmitters, and two high-sensitivity vibration sensors. The host consists of a receiver and a microprocessor, and the transmitter has a pre-amplifier.

The working principle is: when the water leaking from the pipeline leaks, it will generate sound waves, propagate along the pipeline to the distance, put the sensor in different positions, the main unit of the related instrument can measure the time difference of the leaking sound wave generated by the leaking leak to different sensors, as long as it is given The actual distance of the pipeline between the two sensors and the propagation speed of sound waves in the pipeline, the location of the leak point can be calculated.

Specifically, it is described by the following formula: Lx = (L-VTd) / 2, where: Lx is the position of the leak point; L is the actual length between the two sensors; V is the propagation speed of the sound wave along the pipe; Td is the time difference of the sound wave propagation. V also depends on the pipe material, pipe diameter, and the medium in the pipe. The unit is m / ms, and the data is all stored in the relevant instrument.

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