The anti-corrosion performance of the shaking light incubator is good

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. developed the LNB brand shock light incubator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable.
Incubator structure â‘  The heat insulation material of the box body is made of polyurethane foam foamed on site, which has strong anti-interference ability to external heat (cold) sources.
â‘¡ There is an air channel in the working cavity, and the temperature distribution is even.
â‘¢The inner wall is made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.
④The heating system can raise the temperature to 50 ℃ when the ambient temperature is -5 ℃.
⑤The cooling system can cool down to 5 ℃ when the ambient temperature is 32 ℃.
â‘¥Universal spring test bottle rack is especially suitable for the cultivation equipment of biological samples for various comparison tests.
⑦Stepless speed regulation, safe operation.
⑧ Precise temperature control and digital display.
Features of the incubator ● Microcomputer automatic control, touch switch, easy to operate.
● Programmable control mode, temperature, light intensity, etc. can be set independently during day and night (five levels adjustable)
● With power-off memory, power-off time automatic compensation function.
● Constant temperature control system, fast response and high temperature control accuracy.
● Air duct ventilation, soft wind speed in studio, uniform temperature.
● Using hollow reflective tempered coated glass, good thermal insulation performance and beautiful appearance.
● With over-temperature and abnormal sensor protection function to ensure the safety of instruments and samples.
● With multi-spectrum imported plant growth lamp, which is conducive to the growth of culture and improve disease resistance.
Note a) After the device is grounded, if the ground is uneven, it should be leveled.
b) The equipment must be moved in parallel, and the tilt angle in any direction should be less than 45 degrees.
c) When the equipment is in normal operation, the contents of the box should be placed without affecting the air circulation to ensure uniform temperature in the box.
d) The tank liner and equipment surface should be wiped frequently to keep it clean.
e) If the equipment is not used for a long time, the power cord should be unplugged to prevent the equipment from being charged and hurting people. And should be regularly (generally one quarter) according to the operating conditions for 2-3 days to expel the moisture of electrical components and avoid damage to related devices.
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There are many different ways to measure temperature all of which infer temperature by sensing some change in a physical characteristic.

There is surely hardly any more important measurement parameter than temperature. We are confronted with it on a daily basis and most people have individual preferences as to what exactly the right temperature is in specific situations. And this is where the greatest problem actually lies: people only feel temperature.

However, temperature Measuring Instruments have to be used for objective and comparable results. Depending on the specific application, you will find different thermometers, infrared thermal imager,Temperature Measurement Door,Veterinary Thermometer,body forehead thermometer or infrared thermometers for that purpose at LONN.

Infrared sensors are non-contacting devices. They infer temperature by measuring the thermal radiation emitted by a material. They tend to be used when temperature measurements are extremely high, so are not seen offshore too often.Probably the most used method. Thermocouples are basically two wires, made of different metals and joined at one end. Changes in the temperature at the joined end induce a change in electromotive force between the other ends. See our page on Thermocouple Types for a description of the more usual materials used in thermocouple construction, and the benefits of each combination. Alos, view our page on Thermocouple Burnout to read about how to protect your plant against thermocouple failure.

Temperature Measurement Instruments

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