The battle "pox" mission starts from this moment

        Acne is also a major problem of skin problems. Is it the easiest way to get rid of boys and girls who are in adolescence? Are you still upset with acne? Today Xiaobian collected a complete recipe for fighting acne, to find out. Cosmetics Network reported.

2. Use skin care products to effectively fight acne cosmetics

Aloe vera and tea tree oil have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, and the production of acne is largely due to the damage of the barrier function of the skin, which in turn causes infection. Therefore, skin care products containing ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, and witch hazel can have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects on acne.

3. Lemonade for internal adjustment

One bottle of 2000cc of water plus half a lemon juice a day, drink at least three bottles a day, remember! Drinking boiled water is extremely slow, but adding lemon is not the same. After trying this method, it was obviously eliminated in the second half of the month. After three months, I couldn't see a little acne scar, and the skin was so good and beautiful, it felt very effective!

4. Ice cubes eliminate acne pores

Towel applying method: Put the cleaned towel in the freezer of the refrigerator. After a few hours, apply it to the washed face. It has a calming effect, which is also very helpful for extremely oily skin, and shrinks pores.

6. Don't use drugs blindly

There are many reasons why acne can come out. If you want acne to get acne, you must first figure out why your face will grow acne. Only by thoroughly improving the cause of recurrence can you effectively control the spread of acne. Do not blindly use acne products, use the wrong method not only can not get acne, but it will hurt the skin

7. Maintain personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is not good, it may be the reason for the long-term existence of acne. If the acne grows in the lower jaw and the mouth, please don't wear the clothes with the collar. The collar is a place to hide dirt. It is easy to make the disaster worse because of the constant friction of the jaw. In addition, often keep the hair behind the ear, and do not leave the bangs, so as not to cause the dust and oil on the hair to deteriorate the infection of acne.

8. Keep the habit of changing pillows and pillows

The average person does not know, in fact, the pillowcase, the sheet is the most easy to accumulate dead cells, mites, dust, dandruff and other dirty things, and sleep for a long time to contact the face of the skin, more likely to cause bacteria to breed. Therefore, dermatologists vigorously promote and maintain the good habit of changing pillows daily, especially those with serious acne conditions, should pay more attention to this.

10. Note whether the selected cosmetics contain oily hydrophilic formula

Newspaper acne with acne, sometimes moderately rub some foundation, can have a considerable degree of "concealing" landscaping effect, but when using foundation and lipstick, pay attention to avoid oil-soluble products, so as not to worsen acne.

At present, the professional makeup brand has developed a gouache cream which is very suitable for oily skin. It has a refreshing texture and does not contain the burden of increasing the oil on the skin. Best of all, this type of double-use powder cream has both foundation and powder. Function, don't make it more obvious because of the use of powder.

13. Wait patiently when the acne attack is inflamed

It’s not an easy task to control yourself not to smear acne. You can buy a tube of youthful gel with powerful anti-inflammatory and acne-producing functions. Use a cotton swab when the acne has not been applied or has been issued. Youth gel is on acne. In this way, it can help dry acne and accelerate the end of its life. But please note: the youth gel can only be placed on the acne, do not put the whole piece on the face, so as not to stimulate the uninflamed skin too much, but cause redness and swelling.

14. Eat healthy

If you want to make your skin less acne, you should take more vegetables and fruits with more vitamins and ensure adequate sleep and normal eating habits. Especially for those who like to eat spicy and greasy food, it is the right way to be beautiful when necessary.

15. Pleasant mood is the cure for acne

Don't think that you only have acne in your world. Remember, acne is just an episode in your life. It will soon pass. As long as you deal with it correctly, don't let it interfere with your emotions. You will find that it is fragile. Got a hit!

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