The die-cut dragon card box is opening a semicircle

We have received the task of processing the “Three Gorges Project Commemorative Book” Long Card Inserting Card Box, which is 21CM long, 11CM wide, and 1CM thick. The semicircular card box matching it is very elegant and the workmanship must be Do a good job on the three-sided cardboard box and make a good color picture of the shell. Only after drying can you open the half-round opening of the dragon card. This is not a good solution for manufacturers without special equipment, but we are such a model?

Do a good job on the three sides of the cardboard box with a wall, and then cover the front and back of the shell color screen, telling the spring dry after die-cutting. The size of the open-front half-round card box is 22CM, width 12CM, and wall height 2CM. Due to the high wall thickness, it is not possible to use a die-cutting creasing machine to cut open the semi-circular opening. Therefore, we only make a small semi-circular die-cut version. According to the requirement of the semi-circular opening of the card box, the die cut will be performed. The knife edge is down, and is fixed with a double-sided adhesive under the paper press of the paper cutter. Then, the front and side gauges of the semi-circular opening of the die-cutting cassette are set on the cutter platform with glue. In the die-cutting process, a rigid wood block with a length of 20 cm, a width of 12 cm, and a thickness of 1 cm is required to be placed in the middle of the card box as a die cutting pad of a semicircular steel knife. After doing the above work, use the positive and negative side rules to cut the positive and negative sides respectively, but be sure to allow the semi-circular mouth after die cutting to be smooth without burrs, and the positive and negative half-round mouths are absolutely equal.

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Ceramic Printer

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