The difference between classical furniture and old furniture

Classical furniture should be called antique furniture. It is divided into ancient furniture and old furniture according to the age: it was called ancient furniture before 1911, and it was called old furniture from 1911 to 1949. Classical furniture is defined by the style of furniture. Nowadays, many new furniture based on ancient style can be called classical furniture. We can't say that it is fake, but its appreciation space is limited, and many people just buy it for household use. The mahogany furniture is defined from the furniture materials. It is divided into 5 genera and 8 categories according to national standards. In the broad sense, mahogany includes various valuable woods such as huanghuali wood and rosewood.

Identify the six basic elements of ancient furniture:

Each classical furniture has its own unique style and symbol of the times. If the furniture is mixed, or the symbols do not match the characteristics of the times, it is likely to be forged.

An era generally has its representative wood. If there is material patchwork, or the material does not conform to the laws of the times, it is likely to be forged.

Classical furniture is often crippled, just as the elderly are inevitably somewhat ill. If it is too complete, it is likely to be forged. If it is too damaging, the value of the collection will be discounted.

Classical furniture will try to make the line uniform, and the decoration method will be consistent with the times. If it is inconsistent, it may be forged.

The true ancient furniture color and thickness should be consistent everywhere, the old traces are natural, the old is old, just like the face is old and outside, it is inevitable that it is darker than the body.

Old furniture is generally loose, if it is too strong, it is not!

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