The furniture industry is playing a big difference in war and winning the terminal profit model

The homogenization of furniture is the sorrow of the industry, and it is also a dangerous new number. Any industry will not be far from this step. Therefore, it is extremely urgent to find their own breakthrough elephants to differentiate their wars and open up their own “blue ocean”. In the market, the breakthrough points for companies seeking differentiation are in the following aspects:

1. Software enters the era of "whole home"

The company has deep cooperation with Shenzhen software furniture design agencies, and its breakthrough lies in: breakthrough from imitative development to original development. This series of products for small and medium-sized units and products developed after 80 and 90, its positioning and "original" atmosphere can make all the stores break the "price war" dilemma. The innovation lies in: from selling soft beds to selling whole bedroom homes, making the store more abundant and full, often opening orders and opening large orders. At the same time, consumers can buy one-stop, package-style purchases, and it is difficult to achieve the idealized effect by solving the troubles, time and effort.

Its brand is also positioned as the first software solution for the home bedroom in China. The soft bed is the core and the bedroom home is fully equipped to become a software bedroom expert.

2. Furniture sales enter the "e" era

Cooperating with the research and development institutions of Pioneer Furniture's three-dimensional sales software system, the 3D animation software display form is embedded in various specialty stores, which solves the problem that the display area of ​​each store is small and the consumer has a small choice, so that the limited area is doubled. At present, the three-dimensional bedroom scene mode developed and designed can be put into the bedroom scene mode according to customer needs, and then change the color of the style, and even change the material color of wallpaper, floor and background wall to solve the consumer's mind. The bottomless problem promotes the increase in sales turnover.

3. Change management and control dealers to help dealers

From the current terminal business environment. It can be said that the house was leaked and even rainy, and the ship broke and caught the wind. The market demand is extremely weak, the market competition is intensifying, the cost of rental fees is increasing, and the three sides are pinching, resulting in a single store profit level going from bad to worse. Zhong Zhiping believes that in the face of the current severe market situation, as a production supplier should adjust the mentality, update the concept, change the thinking, innovative measures, to truly form a community of destiny interests with dealers, put the survival and development of dealers The first place, put yourself in the position of customers, and strive to meet the reasonable needs of customers, the system to come up with ideas to improve the profitability of a single store and implement one by one. Form differentiated core competition.

4. Establish a terminal profit model system

In fact, since last year, in response to the problems of weak market, intensified competition, and increased costs, the company has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources in the "how to improve the profitability of single stores", from the improvement of brand image quality, from product Breakthrough and innovation, three-dimensional sales software system development, terminal profit model changes and other aspects of comprehensive integration and upgrade, with differentiated advantages to promote enterprises from the "Red Sea" to the "Blue Ocean."

But the most critical blow is still to establish a terminal profit model system, and the key factors affecting profit are five factors: customer in-store volume, customer turnover rate, unit customer purchase amount, product added value, and customer return rate. Zhong Zhiping said that after continuous analysis and breakthroughs in practice, this system was finally formed, which improved the profitability of single stores.

For example, the “1+3+5+n innovative thinking mode” in the system provides a larger platform and space for improving the profitability of a single store. The “1” means to choose a distribution partner of a door-to-door relationship; “3” enters different levels of shopping malls to open 3 specialty stores in the local city; “5” means we offer three different grades of soft bed series products, two different The grade of the sofa series; "n" is to make full use of the company's three-dimensional sales software that is a beautiful album, can be linked to the three stores, and at the same time carry out the cooperation with the real estate sales center, home ownership alliance, and online sales. Thereby providing a greater platform and space for improving the profitability of a single store. Create the first brand of terminal profit: “3-5 Project”. There are also cases to prove: Leshan store, operating a practical area of ​​175m2, the annual delivery of goods reached 1.18 million yuan, the annual sales per unit area reached 6,431 yuan. A miracle in the sales performance of the county-level city soft bed linen store.

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