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The show Deuter brought a new and upgraded AIRCONTACT 65+10 backpack. The Deuter backpack has always been known as a backpack system. It not only has a perfect weight transfer (75% of the waist, 20% of the shoulder, 5% of the back), but also uses the patented material aircontact which also has excellent breathability. The AIRCONTACT series was fully upgraded in 2016.

Shape design:

1. With color webbing to enhance the overall design sense.

2. The hail and trekking pole fixing belt adopts a hole design to make the fixing more stable.

Carrying system:

1. The upgraded version of Vari Quick quickly adjusts the burden, ensuring the length of each person's shoulder strap and the convenient adjustment of the length of the back. Increase contact area, more fit, better weight. Upgraded shoulder strap with breathable backs and a removable shoulder strap.

2. Flexible mobile fit shoulder strap, new automatic fit shoulder strap and S-type ergonomic design combine to give rational distribution of shoulder and back force points, and can adjust shoulder width flexibly to move shoulder straps left and right, giving different shoulders Same comfort as neck.

3. New 3D fin waist wings, fin waist wings made of multi-layer compression cotton are the only waist wings to ensure stability and comfort. New 3D fins waist wing transfer backpack weight to the core of the waist part , Multi-layer pressed cotton provides the greatest comfort guarantee for the waist.

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