The safety management of printing enterprises needs to be strengthened

In the course of economic development, there are common problems in our country's enterprises that are "early eyesight, long-term well-being," and as time accumulates, some contradictions and problems have slowly emerged. For printing companies, there is also a problem of heavy production and light security. Printing companies are flammable and explosive enterprises. The fire protection, explosion protection and anti-virus work of enterprises are of the highest priority. However, at present, many printing companies have a weak awareness of safety production and serious security risks. The printing industry has become a sensitive and heavy topic in the printing industry. The printing security incidents such as the “printing machine biting the arm”, “the worker is seriously injured”, “the worker is dying of the printing press”, and “the company’s electronic document is hacked” have become a security issue. Security is one of the major problems faced by printing companies in their development and it is urgent to be solved.

Enterprise's Informatization - Well-being

In the construction and application of enterprise information systems, if there are problems in information security, the company's many years of efforts may be wiped out in an instant. Survive in the digital era of enterprises, interactive delivery of various key business data can be completed between fingertips. As long as a U disk, anyone can copy hundreds of trillions of data in one minute, and the value of these data is often difficult to estimate.

IDC's latest survey data show that: 60% of the world's enterprises, will improve efficiency as the company's core goals. In the ever-changing modern commercial society, enterprise information construction has become the first choice for most companies to improve their efficiency. However, the ancients had a cloud: “The well-being of disasters and misfortunes”, companies enjoy e-benefits while also suffering from information security issues. Viruses, hacker attacks, spam, system vulnerabilities, network stealing, false and harmful information, and cyber crimes are constantly emerging. Information security is now a global focus and the collective anxiety of computer users in the Internet age. According to statistics, in Fortune magazine's top 100 companies, the average loss caused by leakage of electronic documents was as high as $50,000 per time. It can be seen that resolving the information security risks from the bottom of the system and within the enterprise has become a problem that must be solved in the construction and application of enterprise information. However, the widely deployed application-friendly information encryption technology at the system application side is undoubtedly a weapon to solve this problem.

Strengthen employees' awareness of safety production

The person in charge of the company and employees have a weak sense of safety in production. Many corporate safety management systems and operating procedures are not perfect, and the safety production responsibility system has not been implemented, and no feasible emergency rescue plan has been formulated; the person in charge of the company has not paid attention to the safety education of employees without training assessment, and tertiary education has not been carried out. Poor ability and escape ability.

Faced with human factors, the security risks should be started by strengthening the company's safety management, perfecting the company's safety management system, operating procedures, and formulating practical and feasible accident emergency rescue plans. According to the laws and regulations of the "Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China," "Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals," and "Safety Production Regulations," according to the size of the company, a safety production management agency or a full-time safety management personnel is set up.

Regularly carry out safety production knowledge education and full-time training for employees and make records. Strengthen the publicity of laws and regulations on production safety and knowledge, organize emergency rescue drills, and improve staff's emergency rescue capabilities and ability to escape. Major responsible persons of the company, safety management personnel and relevant special operations personnel (such as electricians, driving of motor vehicles in the factory, etc.) should participate in training and obtain relevant qualification certificates.

Workshop site management common problems and countermeasures

Question 1: Management is chaotic, and production and storage are not separated. In order to save time and labor, some companies put raw paper and printed paper in the printing shop. The production workshop is also a raw material warehouse and a finished product warehouse. Production and storage are mixed into one, and some even produce workshops, storage warehouses, and staff quarters. Located in the same building.

Countermeasures: Deal with the reasonable layout of the factory area. Strictly separate production areas, storage areas, and living areas; printing inks, papers, and other materials must strictly abide by the principle of “with the use of the lead” and must not accumulate pressure; the finished products and scraps of the workshop should be cleared in time, and the channels must be cleared. Line, keep the access to the workshop open.

Problem 2: The channel is poor, and the materials are stacked illegally. The layout of some enterprises' factories is not reasonable, and there are no special warehouses. Raw materials, finished products, and production wastes are piled up everywhere, blocking fire-fighting aisles, illegal construction, etc., causing great difficulty in evacuation of personnel.

Countermeasures: Set up special warehouses for hazardous chemicals and ink distribution sites. Place dangerous chemicals such as inks and thinners in special warehouses, send special personnel to supervise them, and register them in and out of the warehouse. When the ink is reconciled, it must be in a specific place and it is not allowed to reconcile the ink in the workshop. The principle of “slow, uniform, and small” must be followed during reconciliation to prevent flash fire from occurring during the process of ink adjustment.

Question 3: Excessive storage of dangerous chemicals. The inks used for printing, the gasoline used for cleaning printing equipment, and the thinner used for blending inks are all flammable hazardous chemicals. However, many companies do not set up specialized warehouses and are randomly placed in the corners of workshops. The rags of the scrubbing equipment and drums are randomly thrown away. Once an open flame is encountered, the consequences are disastrous.

Countermeasures: Standardize electrical facilities in the workshop. The use of inks, thinners, and other dangerous chemicals in the workshop will release a large amount of flammable gases. Therefore, the electrical appliances in the workshop must use explosion-proof electrical appliances. The wires must be laid in the casing, and temporary connection is prohibited. The main equipment should be properly grounded. The leakage protection measures shall be installed as required; no items shall be piled under the electric appliances, no tungsten iodide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp and other high-powered lighting fixtures shall be used, and the lighting shall be less than 100W incandescent bulbs, and the bulbs shall be kept at a distance of more than 1 meter from the paper.

Question 4: Fire equipment is inadequate and maintenance is not in place. Some companies have insufficient equipment for firefighting equipment, and their placement does not meet the requirements. For example, fire extinguishers have too high suspension positions and inconvenient access. At the same time, fire extinguisher configurations and fire types do not match, and fire hydrants are stacked in front of them. Meet the fire protection requirements.

Countermeasures: The printing shop's ink and thinner must not be stored more than one shift. Draw out fixed blocks to store hazardous chemicals, and do not put them in random order. It is necessary to strengthen the ventilation of the workshop and timely discharge the vapors of volatile flammable liquids.

Question 5: Wires and electrical appliances do not meet the requirements. The wires of the printing workshop are unsleeved and have not been equipped with explosion-proof lamps. The phenomenon of unwieldy connection of electrical wires is common and there are many temporary lines. In particular, the placement of sockets is disorganized, and there are high-power lighting fixtures and papers. There is not enough space for combustibles, and combustible items are piled under the appliances.

Countermeasures: Improve various types of logos. Placing no smoking warning signs at places where combustible materials are stored; zoning areas where raw materials and semi-finished products are stored.

Question 6: There is a case of using an open flame. As winter temperatures drop, employees of many companies place heating equipment (eg, electric stoves, coal briquettes, etc.) in the workshop, and some employees smoke in the printing shop.

Countermeasures: Strictly implement the fire inspection system to eliminate hidden dangers in time. According to the provisions of matching firefighting equipment; regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance of various types of fire equipment, timely replacement and maintenance of fire fighting equipment, to ensure that the fire equipment is intact; before the fire equipment can not pile up any items, to facilitate emergency rescue accidents.

Question 7: The ventilation of the workshop is not good. In the production process, ink, thinner and paper itself will evaporate a lot of irritating gas, some of them are toxic and explosive gases, but most companies do not have ventilation and ventilation systems. When the weather is cold, the doors and windows are closed tightly. The working environment is very poor.

Countermeasures: Install a ventilation system to ensure safe production.

Figure 2 Neat workshop environment

Question 8: The printing factory uses * cars as the main tools for handling paper. The driving of motor vehicles in the factory belongs to special operations. The driver has not obtained the special operation qualification certificate.

Countermeasures: The driver who obtained the special operation qualification certificate may take up the post, and the vehicle will pass through the safe passageway. After use, it shall be parked in the safety line.

Question 9: The main printing equipment enclosure and control cabinet are not grounded, and it is easy to form an electrostatic discharge and electric shock accident. Most companies do not install a leakage protection device.

Countermeasures: Ground the device housing in accordance with the requirements of safety production and install a leakage protector.

We will increase the research and development of new products, vigorously promote new technologies and new processes, and adopt new equipment. Vigorously develop high-tech, high value-added, high-quality green inks and their supporting printing technologies to eliminate the use of toxic, hazardous, flammable, and explosive compounds. Strengthening the governance of the source of accidents is the key to eliminating accidents and ensuring safe production.

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