Two-pronged! Office workers should do this fitness

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Fitness is not a blind exercise, but must find a way to suit yourself, rationally match the diet, and strive to improve their living habits, in order to achieve their desired results. Simple four-style slow - paced breathing health practice, go to work, go home, ready to do, suitable for office workers of all ages, to ensure your health:

          [ 一式 ] 曲直直

        1. Set, do not back, hands naturally relax on the legs, mix thoroughly.

        2. Slowly inhale with your nose, make a fist, and put your fists on your sides.

         3. Elbows, chest, waist straight, head back.

        4. Exhale with your nose, put your neck and hands down, and slowly open your hands.

        5. The palms are facing down, the head is back, the original posture is restored, and the whole body is relaxed.

         Reminder: 7 times per practice, 3 to 4 times a day. Keep steady, correct, easy, and gentle in your exercise. You can breathe in the middle of the exercise.

         [ 二式 ] 和合首府

        1. Sit up straight, and put your arms around your head to keep your breathing natural.

        2. Inhale with your nose, raise your head and arms, and straighten your chest.

         3. Exhale, the head is low, the body shape is slowly bent downwards, and the back is smooth and unobstructed.

         Reminder: Generally, you can do it 6 times back and forth , depending on your physical condition. It should be slow and careful in operation, and don't worry.

         [Tri formula] rejection level

         1. The whole body relaxes and breathes naturally ; the feet are parallel and wide.

        2. Raise your arms to your shoulders and let them go naturally.

         3. When the fourth step is continuously performed, the arm and the knee are simultaneously flexed.

        Reminder: If you are tired of practicing any exercises, you can insert the flat movements at the right time until you are tired and then reply to the original action. This action can remove toxicity in the body.

      [Medley] beat hip

        1. The knees naturally sway up and down like a flat.

         2. Turn around with your belt, relax your shoulders, swing your arms like a wave drum, and pat the trouser pocket ( ie 胯 ) .    

How can light exercise be, and a reasonable meal is of course indispensable! In addition to exercise, we must improve our diet reasonably!              

Breakfast: It should be eaten well and well-fed to ensure vigorous energy and sufficient calories.

Chinese food: You should eat more foods high in protein, such as lean pork, beef, lamb, chicken and duck, animal offal, various fish, beans and soy products.

Dinner: should be light, eat more foods with high vitamins, such as a variety of fresh vegetables, eat some fresh fruit after meals.

Brain food: Use high-phospholipid foods to help the brain, such as egg yolk, fish, shrimp, walnuts, peanuts, etc.

Eye-protection food: Especially the IT family should be conscious of the use of food to protect the eyes, protect eye health, prevent myopia and other eye diseases. Healthy foods include liver, milk, goat's milk, butter, millet, walnuts, carrots, greens, spinach, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, hazelnuts and a variety of fresh fruits.

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