U.S. New Stacker

Gulf Machinery Corporation of the United States provides stackers for the global corrugated box industry. The company's complete product line includes stackers, corrugators and stackers on corrugated board production lines. The success of their stackers was based on the "superior" type round press die cutting machine.

Gulf Machinery Corporation continued to improve its own products based on the needs of customers in the actual production of the carton plant. In the past 12 months, two new models of stackers have been introduced to the market. One of the areas where stackers are used is the company's discovery that high-speed stacking presses with high-quality circular presses require high-performance stackers, and this needs to grow rapidly. In order to meet the needs of this market, the company launched the "Super CRO" stacker, which can replace the cardboard stack. Achieve continuous production while reducing product rejects.

The company's second type of stacker is the Bay-Max type, a device capable of stacking and separating cardboard, which ensures the productivity of the cutting machine. The stacker can stack cardboard after die-cutting, separate the cardboard in question and transport the finished cardboard to the stack, and can handle small-sized die-cut cardboard, such as corrugated mats, corrugated cardboard. Pallets, corrugated corners, annular corrugated cardboard and corrugated dividers. This system integrates control, handling, conveying, lifting, stacking, splitting, and stacking.

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