Use blush to create a sweet look

Using blush to make a sweet makeup actually requires makeup skills , and you can draw a good look when you catch it, and you can also play a small face. Today, I will demonstrate four different techniques for blushing, and the girls can make changes according to their own needs.

Rounding: Kawaii, sweet and 100% painting is the place where the makeup is the most positive, and the smile is the highest. In the way of rounding, there are inside and outside, gradually fading, creating a natural flush.

Oblique brush: Make a three-dimensional, small-faced selection of the brown color of the repair capacity, from the direction of the tibia to the temple, obliquely brush in an elliptical manner.

Horizontal brush: suitable for thin long face, narrow face brushing along the cheekbones, choose a lighter color to modify, create a swelling effect, so that the thin and narrow face looks more blessed. Do not use color to repair the capacity, otherwise the cheeks will be more concave and will feel more bitter.

Two-tone: Create a lady or a little princess with an orange color under the cheekbone, and then use pink to hit the top of the cheekbones, giving a soft and sweet popularity.
Tip: Blush, the perfect game for brightness and shadow. Generally, Meimei knows that playing in the triangle area will make the face more three-dimensional, but Daren suggested that you should not forget to play in Yintang, which is commonly known as the T-shaped part, which can make the color become better and bring good luck.

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