Why is mimosa shy? Reason for shyness of mimosa

In daily life, although we have long heard of a magical grass that shrinks when touched, there is almost no chance of real knowledge. This is mimosa. So is mimosa really shy? Why is mimosa shy ? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you shyness shy reasons , I hope to provide help for everyone.

Why is mimosa shy?


Mimosa, a perennial herb, a dwarf plant native to the tropical South America. Because it is closed by the external force, it is like a shy little girl, so it is called mimosa. In fact, a plant commonly found in moist and warm places, the flowers are more white and pink, the shape is very similar to the pompon, the fluff is unfolded, like a ball of wool. Mimosa is easy to feed and spend. leaf. Fruit has a high ornamental value. So why is mimosa shy ?


Mimosa grows on grasses with more sunlight. As soon as it hits an external force, its feathers will be more than gram, and then the other leaves will gradually close and then hang down. Many people are very surprised by it. In fact, this is a relatively common phenomenon of plant movement in the plant world.




Because the inner leaves have a large vacuole, and they are in the position of the leaf and the petiole, there is a scientific name called the leaf pillow. When these parts are stimulated, some of the relatively low potential cells inside will immediately release the water. Then, the petiole will sag, and the leaves will lose the expansion between the internal cells due to the loss of moisture, causing the leaves to close. In fact, it will close at night, in fact, it is caused by internal cell expansion pressure. In fact, its principle is the same as that of catching insects.


The shyness of mimosa has a lot to do with its original environment. Because in the tropics, there is plenty of water, there is often rain, and mimosa will close the feathers in time to prevent damage to the leaves. This is actually a manifestation of the evolution of nature.

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