Yijun Meijia Wang Taijun: stressing originality and innovation

Why did I choose Yijun Meijia?

Reporter: Mr. Wang, hello. We know that you are a senior professional manager in the furniture industry. You have a wealth of work experience in the furniture industry. Why do you choose Yijun Meijia?

Mr. Wang: I chose the best thing about Yijun Meijia, which is two things: people and products. But these two points are to be attributed to one point. Because Mr. Fan, the chairman of Yijun Meijia Furniture Co., is also a veteran of the furniture industry. Fan's focus on products and understanding of product and product design is second to none in the industry. Yixian Meijia has been focusing on original design since its inception, and the network of Yijun Meijia in the country is relatively wide. At the same time, Fan’s is good and the products are very good, so it has increased my confidence in Yimei’s beauty. So I chose Yijun Meijia and Fan Zong to develop together.

Focus on originality, stress innovation, and create a market with a stable atmosphere

Reporter: I believe that Fan and Wang together, our products must be more attractive. Then please ask Mr. Wang to introduce the main features of Yijun Meijia products.

Mr. Wang: Yi County is now based on two major series, one is the New Oriental series, and the other is the Ilkandan French series. New Oriental used mahogany wood in the selection of materials, using some imported professional fabrics, mainly based on modern style, adding a number of classic lines. Combining the characteristics of the East and the West, simplicity and luxury, nature and humanity are integrated. The materials and colors, including the environmental protection, are fully reflected. Neoclassical originated in the mid-18th century and reached its peak in the first half of the 19th century. On the one hand, it emphasizes the revival of classical taste, especially the solemn, graceful and elegant art form of ancient Greece and Roman times. On the other hand, it opposes the Baroque and Rococo art style advocated by the aristocratic society. At the same time, it is different from the classicism prevailing in the 17th century. It solves the combination of absolute beauty and peace, lack of flesh and blood. And taking the ancient beauty as a model, drawing nutrition from real life and advocating practical functions. After cleverly eliminating the complicated lines, it is more in line with the modern life and some modern functions. The emergence of New Orientalism has broken through the design bottleneck of Chinese furniture, and Yijun Meijia has become an advocate of the new concept of modern Chinese furniture. Inheriting Chinese culture and inheriting the essence of Chinese. Created a new design concept for New Oriental, this is our New Oriental series. Then the French series, we use the precious white fir, the French furniture is known for its purity, simplicity and simplicity. Therefore, these two products are currently in the country's specialty stores are also very many, the market promotion is also better. To put it bluntly, we Yijun Meijia emphasizes originality, stresses innovation, and creates markets and products in a stable atmosphere.

Original, quality, service, three major weapon to win

Reporter: We know that the sales of the furniture market in the past year has been affected by the financial crisis. Some people think that 80% of the dealers are losing money now, but our Yixian Meijia is in the market against the market. In this respect, Yijunmeijia is How to do it?

Mr. Wang: How do you say it? You can’t talk about it, you can only say that it is a relatively stable enterprise. There are several points. First, our Yixian Meijia enterprise has always been concerned with original design. This piece is the core of our Yixian Meijia products. From 2005 to now, our Yijunmeijia products are all going. Your own way, your own style. Basically, each product has its own patent, which is a competitive product. Second, there is the Yixian Meijia quality service. Although my time is not very long, there are several specialty stores, such as Yixing and Shaoxing. Including such places as Changzhi. The information returned by the dealers is relatively good. Therefore, we regard the quality as a guarantee for dealers or consumers. The third is service. In the current fierce market competition, service is a project advocated by every enterprise. There is no communication without service, no communication without communication, no communication may cause many links, our service is not only for dealers, but even our company can specifically target customers, dealers can not reach, our factory can do. We must satisfy the dealers with the utmost enthusiasm and satisfy the consumers. This is what we have to do. It used to be, and it will be. This is the corporate culture that runs through the lifeline of Yi County. Therefore, with these accumulations, I believe that the factory is good, the shopping malls are good, the dealers are good, and it is sure to achieve a win-win situation.

Follow the hypermarket to support dealer development

Reporter: Win-win is the goal we pursue. Yijun Meijia has the guarantee of products, and we have the guarantee of our high-quality talent team. We also have the guarantee of quality service. So what is there in marketing? ?

Mr. Wang: Yijun Meijia is still based on the domestic market, and the domestic franchisees form franchisees. The market competition is getting bigger and bigger, we will support the dealers and achieve a win-win effect. We are more inclined to do all the links and solve the problems within the company. Try not to drag the dealer's hind legs in quality. For the dealers, increase the intensity, such as promotion, building such links, etc., will increase the intensity to complete. After all, the market is cruel.

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