YSFW-86 plastic hose sealing machine

Equipment Name: Model YSFW-86 Plastic Hose Sealing Machine

product description
1. Applicable to the ideal plastic hose and compound pipe sealing machine in medicine, daily chemical, food and special industries.
2, the sealing machine is the use of heating technology and the principle of the sealing surface of the plastic hose in the heating conditions, the two sides of the hose are high-pressure fuse together, to avoid some of the defects due to foreign body wall and seal is not strong , And beautiful and beautiful seal.
3, designed for sealing and printing plastic hoses, with a unique design concept, powered by compressed air, convenient and quick.

Technical parameters Power: 220V 50HZ
Heating power: 180W
Sealing width: 70mm
Sealing speed: 10-15 times / min Dimensions: 510 × 460 × 1140mm

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